The annual ESSA Book Prize and the ESSA Article Prize are awarded at the annual ESSA meeting at the ASEEES convention, and the winners are announced in the Newsletter. An additional ESSA Translation Prize is also awarded occasionally. Nominations may be made by members in good standing during the call for nominations. All nominated books, articles, and translations must be by ESSA members in good standing.

Marika Mägi, In Austrvegr: The Role of the Eastern Baltic in Viking Age Communication across the Baltic Sea. Brill 2018.

Winner: Jan Hennings, Russia and Courtly Europe: Ritual and the Culture of Diplomacy, 1648-1725 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016)

The 2016 Book Prize for most outstanding recent scholarly monograph on pre-modern Slavdom was awarded to Paul Knoll for 'A Pearl of Powerful Learning': The University of Cracow in the Fifteenth Century (Brill, 2016).