Message from ESSA'S President

Didn't someone tell me to expect an easy year as lame-duck president, once the plans for the AAASS meeting in Seattle were made and a new administration was soon to take over? It did not turn out quite that easy. Because the AAASS computer wasn't programmed to detect a conflict between a panel and an association meeting, our annual meeting of ESSA was initially put at the same time as our sponsored roundtable, which would have required us to be in two places at the same time. After failed solutions and what seemed an interminable exchange of e-mail messages, the problem is finally resolved as of today, exactly one month before S-Day.

Please write yourself a large reminder (because it may not appear on any official notice) that THE ESSA MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE IN SESSION 8 ON FRIDAY (5:45-7:45) IN SUITE 424. On the agenda will be the election of officers, and we expect to hear our guest speaker right after the business part of the meeting. In case you forget the time and place, we will try to post a notice on bulletin boards under "E" for "ESSA." The meeting will be followed by our ESSA dinner (see below). In the last time slot on Saturday (just as advertised) there will be the ESSA-sponsored roundtable with the highpowered cast of Richard Hellie, Michael Flier, and Robert Crummey (and also Yours Truly). All three ESSA events promise to be exciting and unforgettable. I look forward to seeing you all at them--and to relinquishing responsibility for any kind of scheduling forever!

Norman Ingham


ESSA Meeting in Seattle

As mentioned above by Norman Ingham, in the Preliminary Program printed in the May 1997 AAASS NewsNet, the annual ESSA business meeting at the AAASS Convention in Seattle was initially scheduled at the same hour as the ESSA-sponsored roundtable entitled "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Paradox of 17th Century Russian Civilization." Thanks to the combined efforts of our president and others, the business meeting has been moved to session 8-22 on Friday 5:45 - 7:45 in Suite 424. It will be followed at 8:15 p.m. by our annual dinner which will be held at the Edgewater Inn (see next item below). The ESSA-sponsored roundtable remains in the announced slot (13-22) and will be chaired by vice-president Daniel Kaiser with the participation of Robert Crummey (University of California, Davis), Michael Flier (Harvard University), Richard Hellie (University of Chicago), and Norman Ingham (University of Chicago). At our business meeting (Session 8-22, Suite 424), we will be honored to have as the featured speaker Engelina Sergeevna Smirnova an internationally acclaimed expert on Byzantine and medieval Russian art. She has published numerous works on medieval Russian art, particularly the art of medieval Novgorod (e.g. ZHIVOPIS' OBONEZHIA XIV-XVI vv. (Moscow, 1967); ZHIVOPIS' VELIKOGO NOVGORODA. SEREDINA XIII-NACHALO XV VEKA (Moscow, 1976); ZHIVOPIS' VELIKOGO NOVGORODA. XV VEK (Moscow, 1982); MOSKOVSKAIA IKONA. XIV-XVII VEK (Leningrad, 1988); LITSEVYE RUKOPISI VELIKOGO NOVGORODA. XV VEK (Moscow, 1994). Dr. Smirnova is a regular participant in international conferences on Byzantine and medieval Russian art and has made a tremendous contribution to our understanding of the function of religious art in Orthodox culture. The subject of her talk at the ESSA meeting will be "Vozrozhdenie khudozhestvennoi zhizni Rusi vo vtoroi polovine XIII-ogo veka -- Ikony Rostova Velikogo." (The talk will be in Russian). The talk will examine the revival of cultural life in central Russia after the Mongol invasion. While the production of religious art during this period is well attested for Novgorod, the contemporary school of icon painting that developed at the episcopal court in Rostov has received little attention. The talk will introduce newly painted icons and icons which were known previously, but received new attribution in the thirteenth century.


Annual ESSA Banquet

As you know, each year during the annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), ESSA holds its annual business meeting and, most delectably, its annual dinner. ESSA luminary Dan Waugh (University of Washington) has secured for us reservations for the ESSA dinner at the Edgewater Inn, which looks out over Elliott Bay. Located at 2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67, the Edgewater is the only waterfront hotel in Seattle, built on a pier jutting out into Elliott Bay. The decor is "pure Northwest lodge: lots of flannel and plaid, with peeled log furniture in guest rooms." The hotel is some 20-30 minutes' walk from the Sheraton, or a short cab ride. We will gather in the Northwest Room (decorated in Northwest style with what is, I'm told, a spectacular view of Elliott Bay) at around 8:15 PM, Friday November 21, 1997. There will also be vegetarian options, but the menu features planked Northwest salmon as well as other continental entrees.

Please come to the dinner with a check with which you can pay for your dinner. We have agreed, at the request of management, to pay the entire bill with one credit card, which means that a very large sum will fall on one person. You could help (and relieve said person of worrying about carrying around a large sum of cash, of being involved with providing change, etc.) by bringing to the dinner a blank check on which you can write the total of your dinner.

We will provide each diner with a chit on which to enter--when ordering the meal--the prices of appetizers, salads, entrees, tax, and gratuity. We will ask you to submit the filled-out chit with your completed, signed check. This way everyone will know what s/he should pay, and we can make quick work of reckoning. Should you somehow forget your check, you could perhaps make arrangements with the person next to you, writing both bills onto one check. Please, however, no cash, and no individual credit cards.

We are looking forward to a wonderful evening, and we hope that as many of you as possible can join us. Even if you have not yet responded to the letter of invitation, please feel free to join us--Friday, November 21, 8:15 PM at the Edgewater Inn, 2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67. Maps giving the location of the restaurant will be available at the ESSA business meeting which will be held Friday evening, just prior to the dinner.

Daniel Kaiser


ESSA Web Page

Thanks to the hard work and organizational skill of our vice president, Dan Kaiser, ESSA now has a very attractive web site containing information on the officers, the ESSA Constitution, the current Newsletter and a frequently updated announcement page. For access point your web browser to: If you have announcements of upcoming conferences and publications of special interest to the the Early Slavic Studies Association, or other news of interest to the membership of the organization, please send it for posting to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The site was created by Vadim N. Marchuk with design assistance from Daniel H. Kaiser.


British Medievalists Meet

The fall 1997 meeting of the Slavonic and East European Mediaeval Studies Group will be held November 15, 1997 at St. Clement Ukrainian Catholic University, Holland Park, London. Debra Coulter (SSEES, London) will speak on "The World of the Muscovite Priesthood in the Seventeenth Century," Natalia Samoilova (St Andrews) will discuss "Leksiko-tekstologicheskii analiz evangel'skikh tsitat suprasl'skoi rukopisi," Dr. Anthony Hippisley (St Andrews) will report on "A System of Borrowing in Simeon Polotsky's Vertograd Mnogotsvetnyi," and Ljudmila Charipova (Cambridge) will address "The Library of the Kiev Mohyla Academy: the Evidence of Surviving Books." For more information contact Stefan M. Pugh by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



In the October 1996 Newsletter (Vol. 9 #2), a draft directory of ESSA members was circulated and members were requested to send corrections to Isolde Thyret. In the May 1997 issue the directory for the British SEEMSG was published and corrections were also solicited. We had hoped to distribute a final, updated version with this Newsletter, but corrections are still coming in and we want to make certain that all our information is accurate. To that end, George Majeska, our former secretary/treasurer who has spent a great deal of time and effort on this project, will have two dummy copies at the AAASS meeting and will make them available to ESSA members for checking and correction. The updated version will then be mailed to all members with the next Newsletter in April.


Edward J. Keenan Festschrift

Volume 19 (1995) of Harvard Ukrainian Studies has just appeared, and is devoted in its entirety to "Essays Presented to Edward L. Keenan on his Sixtieth Birthday by his Colleagues and Students." The volume is edited by Nancy Shields Kollmann, Donald Ostrowski, Andrei Pliguzov, and Daniel Rowland. A list of the articles, many by ESSA members, follows:

Preface xiii

Introduction xiv

The Bibliography of Edward L. Keenan 1


The Correspondence concerning the "Correspondence" DANIEL WAUGH (Editor) 23

Marx and Herberstein: Notes on a Possible Affinity SAMUEL H. BARON 66

Muscovite Ambivalence JAMES CRACRAFT 80

Crisis, Conjuncture, and the Causes of the Time of Troubles CHESTER DUNNING 97

Filling in the Blanks: The Church of the Intercession and the Architectonics of Medieval Muscovite Ritual MICHAEL S. FLIER 120

Sailing to Byzantium: Greek Texts and the Establishment of Authority in Early Modern Muscovy DAVID A. FRICK 138

History and Hagiography: Recent Studies on the Text and Textual Tradition of the Vita Constantini HARVEY GOLDBLATT 158

Who Put the Snake on the Icon and the Tollbooths on the Snake? - a Problem of Last Judgment Iconography DAVID M. GOLDFRANK 180

The Sixteenth-Century Muscovite Church and Patriarch Jeremiah II's Journey to Muscovy, 1588-1589: Some Comments concerning the Historiography and Sources BORYS GUDZIAK 200

Great Wealth in Muscovy: The Case of V. V. Golitsyn and Prices of the 1600-1725 Period RICHARD HELLIE 226

Naming Cultures in Early Modern Russia DANIEL H. KAISER 271

Fathers, Sons, and Brothers: Ties of Metaphorical Kinship between the Muscovite Grand Princes and the Tatar Elite CRAIG KENNEDY 292

Patrolling the Boundaries: Witchcraft Accusations and Household Strife in Seventeenth-Century Muscovy VALERIE A. KIVELSON 302

Murder in the Hoover Archives NANCY SHIELDS KOLLMANN 324

What the Rus' Primary Chronicle Tells Us about the Origin of the Slavs and of Slavic Writing HORACE G. LUNT 335

Poslaniia Gennadiia Novgorodskogo i vopros o "kontse mira" v XV v. JAKOV S. LURIA� 358

Widows, Welfare, and the Pomest'e System in the Sixteenth Century JANET MARTIN 375

Royal Weddings and Crimean Diplomacy: New Sources on Muscovite Chancellery Practice during the Reign of Vasilii III RUSSELL E. MARTIN 389

Muscovite Elite Women and Old Belief GEORG MICHELS 428

Maksim Grek's "David and Goliath" and the Skaryna Bible HUGH M. OLMSTED 451

Loving Silence and Avoiding Pleasant Conversations: The Political Views of Nil Sorskii DONALD OSTROWSKI 476

Novgorod and Muscovy as Models of Russian Economic Development THOMAS C. OWEN 497

Ot florentiiskoi unii k avtokefalii russkoi tserkvi ANDREI I. PLIGUZOV 513

The Zaporozhian Cossacks in Western Print to 1600 MARSHALL POE 531

"The Blessed Sil'vestr" and the Politics of Invention in Muscovy, 1545-1700 CAROLYN JOHNSTON POUNCY 548

The System of Government under Volodimer the Great and His Foreign Policy OMELJAN PRITSAK 573

Ivan the Terrible as a Carolingian Renaissance Prince DANIEL B. ROWLAND 594

To Call a Spade a Spade, or the Etymology of Rogalije IHOR SEVCENKO 607

Pervye tipografii v Rossii RUSLAN SKRYNNIKOV 627

The Brilliant Career of Prince Golitsyn ABBY SMITH 639

"The Buyer and Seller of the Greek Faith": A Pasquinade Ruthenian Language against Adam Kysil FRANK E. SYSYN 655

The "Poem on the Soul" in the Laodicean Epistle and the Literature of the Judaizers MOSHE TAUBE 671

Liturgicheskii status tsaria v russkoi tserkvi: priobshchenie sv. Tainam BORIS A. USPENSKIJ 686

Russian and Tatar Genealogical Sources on the Origin of the Iusupov Family ISTVÁN VÁSÁRY 732

"Anatolii's Miscellany": Its Origins and Migration DANIEL CLARKE WAUGH 747

Pre-Petrine Law and Western Law: The Influence of Roman and Canon Law GEORGE G. WEICKHARDT 756

This Table of Contents was provided by Andrew Sorokowski, Managing Editor of Harvard Ukrainian Studies. For information on the volume please contact him at the following address:

Dr. Andrew Sorokowski, Managing Editor, "Harvard Ukrainian Studies" Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 1583 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-2801 USA.


Volume 1 of Mykhailo Hrushevsky's History of Ukraine-Rus'

Mykhailo Hrushevsky's, History of Ukraine-Rus', volume 1, has just been published. The new publication is a complete English translation of the first volume,` From Prehistory to the Eleventh Century,' of Hrushevsky's monumental ten-volume work. It includes a newly compiled bibliography of all items cited by the author, as well as extensive introductions by the editors, Andrzej Poppe and Frank E. Sysyn. The volume was prepared by the Hrushevsky Translation Project of the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historicial Research. It is available for $79.95 from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 352 Athabasca Hall, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E8 Canada.


Kirov (Viatka) Conference on Swedes and the Russian North

May 14-16 1997 the Kirov Region Administration and the Embassy of Sweden in the Russian Federation co-hosted an international conference in Kirov (Viatka) titled "Shvedy i Russkii Sever: Istoriko-kul'turnye sviazi." The event also celebrated the 210th anniversary of the birth of the famed architect A. L. Vitberg who was exiled to Viatka in the nineteenth century. The volume of essays issued in conjunction with the conference ( Shvedy i Russkii Sever: Istoriko-Kul'turnye sviazi , Kirov, 1997) includes several titles of interest to ESSA members: R. D. Goldina, E. V. Goldina, "Skandinavy i Verkhnee Prikam'e: kontakty vo vtoroi polovine I tys. n. e."; L. D. Makarov, "Sviazi naseleniia Prikam'ia s drevnerusskimi zemliami v kontse I--nachale II tys. n. e. (po materialam importa)"; N. A. Khan, "O denezhno-vesovykh normakh naseleniia Viatsko-Kamskogo arealz v IX-XIII vekakh,"; V. V. Nizov, "Iz istorii titulovaniia Novgoroda 'Velikim'"; E. A. Kosheleva, "Viatka--gorod pomorskii"; V. V. Nizov, "Azartnye igry na Viatke

(v kontekste mezhdunarodnykh kul'turnykh kontaktov)"; E. A. Mel'nikova, "Skandinavy na Baltiisko-Volzhskom puti v IX-X vekakh"; S. V. Beletskii, "Voznikovenie goroda Pskova (k probleme uchastiia viariagov v sud'bakh Rusi)"; L. Grot, "Mificheskie i real'nye shvedy na Severe Rossii"; V. V. Nizov, "Biarmiia i Viatskaia Chud'"; our own Daniel Waugh, "'Anatolievskii sbornik' i problemy viatskogo letopisaniia"; and V. V. Nizov, "Letopisi o viatskom gorode Kotel'niche."


Festschrift for Iaroslav Nikolaevich Shchapov

The Russian Academy of Sciences has announced that in May, 1998 it is publishing a festschrift to honor Iaroslav Nikolaevich Shchapov on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The so-far untitled volume will concentrate upon the history of Old Rus', Rus' law, and the history of Orthodoxy, all themes central to Shchapov's own work, which, in addition to numerous articles, includes the monographs Kniazheskie ustavy i tserkov' v drevnei Rusi XI-XIV vv. (Moscow, 1972) and Vizantiiskoe i iuzhnoslavianskoe pravovoe nasledie na Rusi v XI-XIII vv. (Moscow, 1978) and the edition of church law texts titled Drevnerusskie kniazheskie ustavy XI-XV vv. (Moscow, 1976).


New Catalogue from the New York Public Library

Rob Davis of the Slavic & Baltic Division of the New York Public Library has requested that we note the appearance of their new catalogue and that we include the following description:

Church Slavonic, Glagolitic, and Petrine Civil Script Printed Books in the New York Public Library: A Preliminary Catalog Described by Irina V. Pozdeeva, Moscow State University

Catalogued by Zora Z. Kipel, The New York Public Library.

Co-published by The New York Public Library, & Charles Schlacks, Jr.

142 p. Illustrated. ISBN 1-884445-31-4. $18.95

The New York Public Library holds one of the finest collection of old Cyrillic imprints in the United States. Its holdings of Church Slavic printed books from all periods is particularly outstanding.

The Preliminary Catalogue contains in-depth bibliographic descriptions in Russian and English of 91 printed books in The New York Public Library, including ten imprints produced before 1600, including titles printed by Fiol' (1493), Vukovic (1537), and Fedorov (1564, 1581). Seventy-one of the titles described were produced before 1800, 31 of which were produced before 1700. These descriptions were prepared by one of the world's leading authorities on old Cyrillica, Dr. Irina Pozdeeva of Moscow State University. In addition to Dr. Pozdeeva's annotations, each title is accompanied by a Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) cataloging record, intended to assist the on-site reader in requesting these items. The Library regularly acquires old imprints, and has added a number of titles since this catalogue was completed. Interested readers are urged to consult our online catalogue, CATNYP (accessible via the World Wide Web at, or call our curatorial staff (212 930-0714, -0940) for information regarding subsequent additions.

For information on ordering the volume contact : The Library Shop, The New York Public Library, Fifth Ave. & 42nd Street, New York, NY 10018-2788. Phone: (212) 930-0678.


1998 Conference in Yaroslavl

The following message was received from Veniamin Ivanovich Lebedev, Director of the Yaroslavl Historical-Architectural Museum:

Iaroslavskii istoriko-arkhitekturnyi muzei-zapovednik, Iaroslavskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogicheskii universitet im. K. D. Ushinskogo (IaGPU), Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii Dom) provodiat chteniia po istorii i kul'ture Drevnei i Novoi Rossii.

Traditsionnye nauchnye chteniia po istorii i kul'ture Drevnei i Novoi Rossii provodiatsia na baze ekspozitsii "Slovo o polku Igoreve" Iaroslavskogo muzeia-zapovednika odin raz v chetyre goda, nachinaia s 1986 g. Chteniia provodiatsia po initsiative akademika D. S. Likhacheva i pri uchastii otdela drevnerusskoi literatury IRLI (Pushkinskii Dom).

Konferentsiia privlekaet shirokii krug rossiiskikh uchenykh, v t ch. i iaroslavskikh. Programma konferentsii vkliuchaet plenarnye i sektsionnye zasedaniia po sleduiushchei tematike:

problemy izucheniia "Slovo o olku Igoreve": tekstologiia, istoriia otkrytiia, istoriografiia i t. d.

aktual'nye problemy izucheniia literatury russkogo i evropeiskogo srednevekov'ia;

voprosy vzaimodeistviia literatury i iskusstva v epoxu srednevekov'ia;

knizhnaia kul'tura Drevnei i Novoi Rossii: rukopisnaia traditsiia i knizhnye sobraniia;

izuchenie pamiatnikov drevnerusskoi literatury v 18-20 vv.

Predpolagaetsia izdanie tezisov dokladov.

Konferentsiia provoditsia v kontse sentiabria-nachale oktiabria 1998 g.

Predsedatel' orgkomiteta - d.f.n., prof. IaGPU German Iurhevich Filippovskii, zaveduiushchii kafedroi russkoi literatury IaGUP.

Zaiavki dlia uchastiia v konferentsii i bronirovaniia gostinitsy prosim prisylat' do 1 oktiabria 1997 g. po adresu: 150000, Rossiia, Iaroslavl', Bogoiavlenskaia pl., 25, muzei-zapovednik, na imia sekretaria orgkomiteta Zataevoi Galiny Nikolaevny. Kontaktnye telefony: (0852) 22-26-44; (0852) 30-35-37. Faks: (0852) 22-31-25) (prosim izvinit', nomer faksa mozhet izmenit'sia).


Information Exchange

(1) Please take note that forms, directory corrections and dues payments should be sent to: Prof. Isolde Thyrêt, History Department, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242.

(2) All ESSA members may place brief notices in future "Information Exchange" or "Letopis'" columns by sending them to David Prestel, Department of Linguistics and Languages, A-613 Wells Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1027 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FAX 517 432-2746

(3) Ludwig Steindorff (Münster) writes that he has a new e-mail address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Also, the manuscipt of the "Kormovaia kniga Iosifo-Volokolam- skogo monastyria" has gone to the publisher. It is hoped that the book will appear early in 1998.



David J. Birnbaum (University of Pittsburgh) is the co-editor of the Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Processing of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts. Sofia, 1995.

Henrik Birnbaum (UCLA) has recently published Das altkirchenslavische Wort: Bildung - Bedeutung - Herleitung Munich: Otto Sagner, 1997 (190 pp.) and "Medieval Slavonic Hagiography as a Political Tool," in Celebrating Creativity, festschrift for J. Børtnes (1997), as well as a number of other articles and reviews.

Leonid Chekin (Institut istorii estestvoznaniia i tekhniki RAN) has published "O geograficheskich terminakh 'poniz'e,' 'niz' i 'verkh' v drevneishikh vostochno-slavianskikh letopisiakh in: Iazyk. Kultura. Vzaimoponimanie, ed. T. A. Kosmeda (Lvov: Lvovskii gos. universitet, 1997), 111-115; "Ilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev," The Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Eurasian Literature, vol. 10 (1996), 79-82 (with several very unfortunate corrections by the publisher); and a review of Cultural Atlas of the Viking World, by Colleen Batey in Scandinavian Studies 68 (1996), 263-265.

Martin Dimnik (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies) has published "Succession and Inheritance in Rus' before 1054," in Mediaeval Studies vol. 58 (Toronto, 1996), 87-117.


Philip Longworth (McGill University) published the second edition of The Making of Eastern Europe, second edition (enlarged and revised) St. Martin's Press New York and Macmillan Press, 1997.

Russell E. Martin (Westminster College) recently published "Royal Marriage and Crimean Diplomacy: New Sources in Chancellery Practice during the Reign of Vasilii III," in Rhetoric of the Medieval Slavic World: Essays Presented to E. L. Keenan on his 60th Birthday, ed. Nancy Shields Kollmann, et. al. [= Harvard Ukrainian Studies 19, nos. 1-4, 1995 (1996)].

Gregory Myers (Burnaby, British Columbia) has published "The Legacy of the Medieval Russian Kondakar and the Transcription of Kondakarian Musical Notation." Muziek & Wetenschap: Dutch Journal of Musicology. Vol. V, No. 2 (1995/96), 129-161 and "A Tale of Bygone Years: The Kontakion for the Dedication of a Church in Medieval/Rus': A Source and a Reconstruction." Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies/Canadian Institute of Balkan Studies. The University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 1996 (publication as an article forthcoming). Also forthcoming are: "Slavonic Witnesses to Evergentine Liturgy and Music: The Order of the Washing of Feet on Great and Holy Thursday," Contribution to INTERVOL: The Evergetis Typikon Project, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland; "The Medieval Russian Kondakar and the Choirbook from Kastoria: A Palaeographic Study in Byzantine and Slavic Musical Relations," Plainsong and Medieval Music. J. Dyer Ed., forthcoming October, 1997; He is also updating and revising the bibliographies for the entries of M. Velimirovic, "Neumatic Notation" and "Russian and Slavic Chant," in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, seventh edition.

Svetlina Nikolova (Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre Sofia, Bulgaria) has published "K istorii teksta Knig Tzarstv v slavjanskoj pis'mennosti" in Jews and Slavs vol. 3, Jerusalem, 1995, pp. 54-68; "Za naj-starija balgarski srednovekoven rakopis na Starija zavet" in Starobalgarska literatura, 28-29, Sofia, 1996, pp. 110-118; "Rakopisite na Visarion Debarski i tekstovata traditzija na Starija zavet" in Balgarskijat chestnadeseti vek. Sofia, 1996, pp. 363-402; Stefanit i Ichnilat. Starobalgarska prevodna povest ot XIII vek (Stephanites and Ichnilatis. An Old Bulgarian Translated Short Novel of the 13th Century). Sofia, 1996, 175 pp.

Thomas S. Noonan (University of Minnesota) has published "What Can Archaeology Tell Us about the Economy of Khazaria," (Napoli: 1994) and "The Vikings in the East: Coins and Commerce," (Stockholm: 1994).

Robert Romanchuk (UCLA) has written the following forthcoming articles: "Monastic Culture and the Florilegium in Kievan Rus'." Slavic and East European Journal 41:4. "Efrosin, monk at Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery." In: Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and Eurasia, vol. 8; (with Henrik Birnbaum) "Kem byl zagadochnyi Daniil Zatochnik? (K voprosu o kul'ture chteniia v Drevnei Rusi)." TODRL 50.

Francis J. Thomson (University of Antwerp) recently published "The False Identification of Gregory Tsamblak with Gabriel Uric: The Full Extent of Alexander Yatsimirsky's Fraud Exposed." Slavica Gandensia, xxiii, 1996, 117-169; "The Origins of the Principal Slav Monasteries on Athos: Zographou, Panteleèmonos and Chelandariou. Together with Some Comments on the Alleged Appearance of Hesychast Practices on Athos in the Late Twelfth Century and on Early Serbian Monasticism." Byzantinoslavica, lvii, 1996, 310-350.

Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon) has recently published the monograph "The Missing Folia from the Banica Gospel: Equivalent Passages from the Curzon Gospel, with Annotations," Polata knigipisnaja 30 (1996): 50-177, as well as "Twin Serbian Menologies," Die Welt der Slaven 42: 137-149 (1997).



Early Slavic Studies Association

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Isolde Thyrêt-Secretary-Treasurer David Prestel-Newsletter Editor


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